Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blogging frustrations and a close to KCWC

So I am finally on a roll with the whole blogging thing and what should happen...  My windows live writer "stops working".  I have gotten pretty behind the times technologically and I cannot figure it out.  I might have to take the computer some where to get it figured out and I am not thrilled.

This is the purple dress.  It is made out of corduroy outer, fully lined, and first timers piping.  She looks really great in purple.  Plus, she is comfortable in this style which means she wants to wear it.

She really is gorgeous.

Then the pants.  I had so much hope for these but I am not so thrilled.

back side - original pockets - too big

They look much better in action.  I need to make the waist tighter and see how they look then.

front - made the waist band to small

So now I am glad that KCWC is coming to an end.  It was a busy week.  I am happy in what I accomplished and it is so fun to look through the flickr group to see all the inspiration.

Now for a bit of a sewing break.  At least a day or two. :-)



small + friendly said...

I love the piping detail on the purple dress. Super cute.

Kimberly said...

Oh I think the green pants turned out wonderfully and the corduroy print is just so fun. I'm also super impressed about the piping. I have been wanting to try it but have been too intimidated!

Kelli Ward said...

I LOVE the pants. So retro cool. So sad that you dont like them. I think you did a great job.