Friday, May 20, 2011

For ME!

maxi dress 020

So I had seen this dress a few times online and thought that it was pretty fashion forward and something I might like to wear.  It is  “The Mission Maxi” by Jamie Christina.  I have been so leary about sewing for myself because kids clothes are pretty forgiving and well, small.  Finally I saw a post HERE of these ladies wearing the dress and I thought ok, why not.

So I headed up to my favorite place to go. Maisonnette in Oceanside and got my supplies.  Plus, a ton of advice.  These ladies are so fun to visit.  They are helpful, nice and their shop is fantastic. 

This was the first time I had ever used an old fashioned tissue paper pattern. It was actually pretty easy to trace but cutting out the fabric was another story.  This was also one of the first times I made a whole garment out of jersey knit. So lining up the stripes and pinning the pattern was a bit tedious for me but fun. 

I sewed it up today at nap time and am thrilled.  It fits fantastic and the colors are perfect.  The neckline topstitching is a little wonky and I am not sure I can totally pull off the horizontal stripe thing but it is still fun.  I am gonna make this again soon.  They had a fabric that was a melon type color that I want.

thanks for visiting.


Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s a Funny Thing

ikea bag and yellow shorts 021

Most of the time when I sew it is my relaxing and reflection time of the day.  However there are always moments through a project when I start to get stressed and anxious over the final outcome. 

Let me start by saying I am completely obsessed with this sewing thing.  More than I should be probably.  But through every project I always ask myself is this really worth it.   The time, the lack of sleep, the moments of anxiety, Using the seam ripper.  It’s not like I can’t afford to by my kids clothes.  And lets face it most of us are not saving money sewing our kids clothes considering all the fabric we buy.

Any way I always think I am doing something wrong or its not going to look that good. But I am almost always pretty stoked with the outcome. 

ikea bag and yellow shorts 083

These are a combination of all of Dana’s at MADE pants tutorials.  These are using her pattern, flat front, lined, front pockets.  They fit like a dream on my 21 month old.  This is also a legit KCWC project.  I started it yesterday and finished them up during nap time.


However, as my first picture shows I chose the worst lining fabric I could have.  It is a white knit turtleneck from Old Navy.  It is not your standard interlock. Um it has modal and some poly or something.  It is sooooo soft and very stretchy. Like very very stretchy. But hey what the heck right.  I cut the lining a bit smaller and used a bigger seam allowance.  I even cut down the waist and the length of the legs so they just fit inside the waistband and the hem.  And I couldn’t be happier. 


Does anyone else ever second guess themselves while they are sewing?

- clover

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music Class Blouse and Skirt

first oliver and s 001

Last winter during some online sales I finally ordered a few Oliver and S patterns.  Everyone gushes over them.  They have such classic but modern patterns.  I had never sewn from a paper pattern before.  I had only used PDF patterns.  Either free or bought off of Etsy.  It is A LOT of work; tracing the pattern, cutting the pattern, etc.  It really made me appreciated the PDF format.  However it was really cool to have the final product.  I usually wouldn’t put my girl in a button down shirt.  Heck we live in Southern CA and well she is 4.  But I definitely wanted to make the skirt and in the vain of learning how to make a button down shirt I went for it.
first oliver and s 003
It is a little red riding hood fabric. (Yes I am a sucker for white on my kids).  I made very few mistakes on it so I am pretty happy.  However, it took me days to finish.  I was very methodical and did not rush. I guess that paid off.
first oliver and s 009first oliver and s 011
The skirt I love and will definitely make again.  You can’t tell but it has a pocket on the side panel.  And I just love the ruffles.  I did make a little mistake on the side panel and had to add some fabric at the top to make it long enough but it totally worked out.
So, no, I did not sew these during the KSWC but I promise I am sewing and will post at the end what I did make this week.


Monday, May 9, 2011

KCWC 2011

So I am sorta unofficially doing Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week.  You are suppose to sew an hour a day for seven days and see what happens.  Well spring comes early in Southern California so I have made a few things already that I am putting on her flickr page.  But I am also going to work on some beach shorts that are a Boden kids knockoff.  We will see how that works out.  I hope you enjoy my creations.  Oh another goal for this week is to finally order some labels for my clothes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.  I love you!

Feb172011 036Feb172011 045

And to me!  I am so lucky to be living my dream.

Big Bear 2011 011Big Bear 2011 023  carlsbad5K 2011 028carlsbad5K 2011 062Feb172011 023carlsbad5K 2011 089Feb172011 038


Monday, May 2, 2011

China Doll Dress


I have been sewing my little fingers off.  It is more fun for me to sew than to blog.  But as I am sitting thinking while sewing I think about what I would write.  So I might as well actually write it.  I spend so much time reading others blogs I should be able to find time to record all that I am making and some of the crazy thoughts in my head and moments in our lives. 

I am loving all the sewing and a bit impressed with myself that I have learned so much.  I credit so many of the great blogs that I read.  There are so many women with amazing sewing skills, photography skills, and artistic brains that come up with such cute ideas.

The dress I want to show tonight is the China Doll Dress.  I had ordered a half yard of this china doll fabric and loved it.  I made an apron with it during my online sewing class.  I had just one little bit left that inspired this dress.

My first pattern I ever bought was a PDF peasant dress off Etsy.  It isn’t the most fabulous pattern as you have to kinda move the pieces around to get them to line up right but it works out ok.

I bought an XL men’s linen shirt from Old Navy and changed it to look like this.

china doll dress 001china doll dress 007china doll dress 005

All the pattern pieces fit just right.  I changed out the buttons and used the teal color thread.  I hand embroidered around the applique.  I love it!

china doll dress 008china doll dress 011

I also made this cute headband.  It’s a little tight on her so she probably won’t wear it much but it looks good for pictures.Smile

china doll dress 003

Hope to stay motivated and post some other things I have made tomorrow.