Monday, August 8, 2011

Sew Along and Carina Gardner Playdate Outfit


playdate outfit plus camara play 088

So in early June I decided to the sew along for this outfit on The Cottage Home.  I thought it would be a good addition to my pattern collection since it wasn’t a dress and I wanted to sew something that Sophia could choose her own fabric.

I think it turned out great.  But it took me forever!  There are a few minor errors on the pattern but they are kind of obvious and easy to fix.

There were certain steps like the lining and hidden seams and the ruffle sleeves that were not easy to understand but thankfully the sew along from Lindsey really made all the difference. 

playdate outfit plus camara play 097

I realized I had cut a part of the pants pattern the wrong size but luckily caught it early in the construction and recut ( again lucky I had more fabric).  The waistband was put in a little funny.  I think there is an easier way to do it than the instructions.  The hardest part was sewing the darn buttons and that little flower.  I still need to move a button over and probably resew the flower.  You cant see in the picture but its kind of a mess under that cute button.  I think I was rushing and I got lazy.  So I think I will make it again cause it is a classic style and the pattern goes to size 8.  This was a 4/5 and fits perfect.  So thanks to Lindsey for doing the sew along.  I am adding photo to the Flickr group.  There are a lot of other cute playdate outfits.

My daughter was hilarious in that she wanted to hold a white rose just like the girl on the pattern package.

playdate outfit plus camara play 136playdate outfit plus camara play 128

and then of course she had to do the silly faces.

  playdate outfit plus camara play 104playdate outfit plus camara play 105

Happy Sewing.