Sunday, October 30, 2011

The balance beam

I often feel like a preschooler on a balance beam.  Wobbling from side to side.  Slowly one foot in front of the other.  Mind racing about what's coming next while focusing on not falling.  Sometimes the beam is low with no real consequences of falling.  Sometimes it's high and the consequences are lifelong.

The balance of self vs others.  As a wife and mother I am constantly faced with the choice between self and others.  It is precarious, the balance, some days my soul aches for freedom of choice of time, sleep, quiet.  With it no where in sight.  Other days it is a steady walk across and the day ends with a gratitude and peace.  There is always more that could be or should be done but there is ALWAYS more. 

The great balance beam.  How high was your beam today?  Did you make it?  Did you fall off and get back up or where you a show stopper?

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Anonymous said...

Never even got on the beam today, it's been a struggle to stand up. Well, that how I feel! Thanks for sharing this insight though, made me think about balance and it's ok to fall too and keep wiggling, it's all part of building the skills and muscles to get stronger..I guess the important thing is to try, right?