Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music Class Blouse and Skirt

first oliver and s 001

Last winter during some online sales I finally ordered a few Oliver and S patterns.  Everyone gushes over them.  They have such classic but modern patterns.  I had never sewn from a paper pattern before.  I had only used PDF patterns.  Either free or bought off of Etsy.  It is A LOT of work; tracing the pattern, cutting the pattern, etc.  It really made me appreciated the PDF format.  However it was really cool to have the final product.  I usually wouldn’t put my girl in a button down shirt.  Heck we live in Southern CA and well she is 4.  But I definitely wanted to make the skirt and in the vain of learning how to make a button down shirt I went for it.
first oliver and s 003
It is a little red riding hood fabric. (Yes I am a sucker for white on my kids).  I made very few mistakes on it so I am pretty happy.  However, it took me days to finish.  I was very methodical and did not rush. I guess that paid off.
first oliver and s 009first oliver and s 011
The skirt I love and will definitely make again.  You can’t tell but it has a pocket on the side panel.  And I just love the ruffles.  I did make a little mistake on the side panel and had to add some fabric at the top to make it long enough but it totally worked out.
So, no, I did not sew these during the KSWC but I promise I am sewing and will post at the end what I did make this week.


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Oontje said...

Nice shirt! I used the same fabric to make a shirt according to a Japanese pattern, but it's way too big for my girl. Yours fits perfectly.
I also love the elephant pants. They're adorable, just like your son.