Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s a Funny Thing

ikea bag and yellow shorts 021

Most of the time when I sew it is my relaxing and reflection time of the day.  However there are always moments through a project when I start to get stressed and anxious over the final outcome. 

Let me start by saying I am completely obsessed with this sewing thing.  More than I should be probably.  But through every project I always ask myself is this really worth it.   The time, the lack of sleep, the moments of anxiety, Using the seam ripper.  It’s not like I can’t afford to by my kids clothes.  And lets face it most of us are not saving money sewing our kids clothes considering all the fabric we buy.

Any way I always think I am doing something wrong or its not going to look that good. But I am almost always pretty stoked with the outcome. 

ikea bag and yellow shorts 083

These are a combination of all of Dana’s at MADE pants tutorials.  These are using her pattern, flat front, lined, front pockets.  They fit like a dream on my 21 month old.  This is also a legit KCWC project.  I started it yesterday and finished them up during nap time.


However, as my first picture shows I chose the worst lining fabric I could have.  It is a white knit turtleneck from Old Navy.  It is not your standard interlock. Um it has modal and some poly or something.  It is sooooo soft and very stretchy. Like very very stretchy. But hey what the heck right.  I cut the lining a bit smaller and used a bigger seam allowance.  I even cut down the waist and the length of the legs so they just fit inside the waistband and the hem.  And I couldn’t be happier. 


Does anyone else ever second guess themselves while they are sewing?

- clover


small + friendly said...

These came out great! I plan to try the same pattern with some searsucker this weekend. I am loving sewing too, and you're right it is often more expensive than buying clothes, especially when you factor in the time but it's totally worth it!

Taylored4Baby said...

They look super cute! Love them!!