Monday, May 2, 2011

China Doll Dress


I have been sewing my little fingers off.  It is more fun for me to sew than to blog.  But as I am sitting thinking while sewing I think about what I would write.  So I might as well actually write it.  I spend so much time reading others blogs I should be able to find time to record all that I am making and some of the crazy thoughts in my head and moments in our lives. 

I am loving all the sewing and a bit impressed with myself that I have learned so much.  I credit so many of the great blogs that I read.  There are so many women with amazing sewing skills, photography skills, and artistic brains that come up with such cute ideas.

The dress I want to show tonight is the China Doll Dress.  I had ordered a half yard of this china doll fabric and loved it.  I made an apron with it during my online sewing class.  I had just one little bit left that inspired this dress.

My first pattern I ever bought was a PDF peasant dress off Etsy.  It isn’t the most fabulous pattern as you have to kinda move the pieces around to get them to line up right but it works out ok.

I bought an XL men’s linen shirt from Old Navy and changed it to look like this.

china doll dress 001china doll dress 007china doll dress 005

All the pattern pieces fit just right.  I changed out the buttons and used the teal color thread.  I hand embroidered around the applique.  I love it!

china doll dress 008china doll dress 011

I also made this cute headband.  It’s a little tight on her so she probably won’t wear it much but it looks good for pictures.Smile

china doll dress 003

Hope to stay motivated and post some other things I have made tomorrow.


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Cute! Would you Visit my blog sewcountrychick to post it on my new kids sewing blog linkup?