Friday, December 2, 2011

I have an "Innocent Crush" on Anna Maria Horner

As usual I have been sewing away.  Maybe a bit slower than normal.  We have all had cold after cold. Then Thanksgiving and of course Sophia turning five!  It has been a busy month and at night time when I usually hide away and sew I have been sitting like a blob on the sofa and then going to bed a bit earlier than normal.  Which in itself has been a good thing.  I think I am a lot nicer when I have the right amount of sleep.  Or at least way more tolerant of every ones craziness over here.

I really have been obsessing over Anna Maria Horner's fabrics.  Every collection that comes out I initially look and go ok thats nice.  But the more I look at it the more I start to fall in love with it.  She is brilliant.  Here colors are just perfect.  All of them.  So I started making some of her figure 8 scarves and I think they are just the perfect project to really show off some fabric.

This is the one I chose for myself to keep.  It is a little wide and long for me who is slightly more petite but it is really striking against a plain colored shirt and even though I usually dress very simply I love it and feel great when I wear it. 

This is the second one I made.  It is a gift for someone for Christmas .  These are more "my" colors but they are the recipients as well.  It is gorgeous.  I made a second of the one I am keeping to give to someone else and also have a fourth waiting to be finished that is another combo of colors.  It is a rather simple sew except the voile shifts a bit.  I think at some point I will have to invest in a walking foot.  For now I pin, pin, pin and go slow.  The hardest part of it is hand sewing the last seam with a blind stitch.  I am HORRIBLE at hand stitching but I am getting better with each scarf.

The next project was so much fun and again an easy sew.  I am really trying not to be intimidated by knits.  They really are very forgiving.   Especially in children's clothing. 

She was posing "nicely" so she could get back to watching her show.

The back.  I debated on the ruffly leg bottoms but I like it.

The leg doesn't sit weird like the picture.  They actually fit fantastically.

The pattern is from LilBlueBoo the Sienna Dress and it is so easy and has so many possibilities.  I am also obsessed with her blog.  I never took any art classes ever.  I never considered myself artistic.  I was the math and science kinda girl so I am learning all kinds of cool techniques that I would love to try.  I found this shirt at the thrift store quite awhile ago and I new the only way to get her to wear it was to add pink so I used some of this interlock I got at a great price when the local fabric boutique store went out of business.

Well there are a few more projects I completed but I think this is long enough.  Hopefully I can post some more soon. 



Vicky said...

I haven't touched the velveteen in real life but I bet it's lush too. I love AMH fabrics too not that I have much of her collection but do like the boldness of the colours and prints of some. I pin, sew slow and use a walking foot, I hate to imagine how mine would turn out without one. The scarves are going to be such a special gift, they're not going to notice the hand stitching at all. Lucky people. I've never sewn with knits before, still trying to find the courage to do so one day.

Kimberly said...

I adore Anna Maria Horner's fabrics, but rarely ever on the bolt. Though every time I run across something sewn (like your beautiful figure 8 scarf), I get excited to go purchase some. Looks fantastic (and the pants too!).