Thursday, February 17, 2011


We had a visit from my mom.  We had a good time.  Dad likes to go way too fast on this rider but the kids love it. Especially Noah.  He was mad he had to give Sophia a turn.

Feb172011 042 Feb172011 046 Feb172011 052

This is the tree in our front yard.  Even though its only February the sweet pink flowers tell me spring is right around the corner here in Southern California.Feb172011 057

I love this fabric.  I had been wanting to make a bag out of it.  I wanted pockets. So I used this pattern.  The pattern calls for fabric straps which I wish I had done.

Feb172011 074

All the baby dolls in the house are always naked so I thought they might need some diapers.  I have had this pattern for so long.  It was so easy and fun. I’ve got two more to stitch up tonight.  They are lined with flannel.

Feb172011 075 Feb172011 076 Feb172011 077

At least some one exercises in this house.  I am not sure how he learned to use these:-) Feb172011 082 Feb172011 085 Feb172011 088

I really wish my desk didn’t look like this.

I don’t know how to keep it neat.Feb172011 091


margie c said...

Oh, how adorable are they excersizing away! I wish I was as motivated that they are!
I adore those lil baby doll diapers! How cute! and brilliant!
and I looove your bag! Such a fun and whimsy pattern! I like the matching handles too! Great job :)
Enjoy your spring weather!
hugs, margie

dewgiesgirl said...

Love your imagination! That's probably why your desk is a trouble spot....your energy goes toward creating cute things!