Friday, August 27, 2010

My Beautiful Baby Boy Turns ONE!!!

I really cant believe it has been a whole year.  I feel like I was just pregnant and waiting for him to arrive.  Life with a baby is challenging but he has been a true blessing to our family.  He is a sweet boy with a fantastic smile.  He thinks his sister is so funny.  He is daddy’s biggest fan.  And what boy doesn't love and need his mommy.  Thank you God for giving us Noah.
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Jessica said...

Your little guy is beautiful! (and your daughter also!) He looks like he is doing so well! (I'm assuming he has ACC?) My son just turned one aug 13! He has some problems gaining weight, though we believe he's getting there. We have been praying that as he gains weight, he'll begin to develop in all areas and we'll see him interact as we've hoped to! Our God can do miracles, and we are believing for one! Blessings to you too, I appreciate your prayers and you'll be in mine too!