Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am so frustrated with the photo uploading.  It is taking away some of the fun.  If any one has some advice please share.  It seems odd that it is not easier to move the photos around my post easier.  Also what is all this HTML stuff.  Its like a foreign language.  My husband is taking Spanish 1.  I speak fair spanish.  I keep looking at him like "duh dont you get it" I am sure that is what is like for you all who have been doing this awhile.  Any I am here to practice today.

We went to the Fair the other day.  My daughter loves all the rides!

Oh we all love the cotton candy.  They dont make it fresh anymore:-(

Ok so tonight loading photos seems to be working much better.  It is incredible slow!!  With all the fantastic blogs out there you would think that this would be a pretty high tech easy thing to do.

Buenos Noches!

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