Friday, June 11, 2010

Domestic Diva I am NOT

Ok so I have been spending WAY TOO much time reading other gals blogs and being super inspired to do all kinds of things. Knowing myself too well I am trying to temper my grandiose ideas and just try "simple" stuff. So I thought "ok my family likes fruit leather lets give a try". Looks easy enough.

Well two tries later, a big mess, and mainly very leathery fruit leather I am going to keep buying the Trader Joes brand.

I have learned from this project. I am just NOT a "wing it" type of gal.

I NEED to follow a recipe.
Looking pretty is NOT good enough.

I have however mastered making my own baby food.

Now if I could just get the boy to eat food other than his "milk"


Clover said...

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Clover said...

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